Friday, July 31

Unwanted Hair? ---"Strip It"!!

“Pretty is something you're born with. But beautiful, that's an equal opportunity adjective.”

I ordered a trial pack of Strip it from Arlette and I just finished using it :D I can't believe how well the product works! I'm a first time user of cold wax, and I never imagined it would be as effective as warm wax!

I am used to just going to a salon to get the whole thing done. Some salon waxing services include P150 for underarm, P250 for the forearms, and P500 for the entire leg and etc... Well, a bit of waxing is probably the only vanity I indulge in even before. I tried doing the DIY Home sugaring myself, but more often than not I scald myself that I cry and yelp in pain. No matter what I do, I end up having irritated arms due to the hot wax.

I discovered STRIP IT and decided to order it 2 days ago, and today the package came in via Air21:

Trial Pack arrived! P160 for the Trial pack, added P15 for extra strip cloths (I knew I was gonna need it), and P106 for shipping! Just P281 for the whole thing.

150 grams of cold sugar wax right here! It's heavy for its size. Very compact. The cover is also sealed tight with that protective strip of clear plastic.

Setting up the items needed... Very sparse but it gets the job done! The instruction sheet is very well thought out. There are special tips there for the best waxing method. I'm so relieved I ordered another pack of sheets! There are only 5 strips that come with the trial pack. Added P15.00 to get a longer sheet that I can customize according to the size I want.

I cleaned my arms and made sure it was super duper dry... Added a little bit of baby powder to be sure. It won't work unless it can cling to the hair. I applied wax to my forearm and pressed lightly the strips. Then... I PULLED! *WOAH!* NO PAIN!!! YAY!!! XD

You can see the difference! The results are the same as when I go to the salon to get it done! All the hair's gone from that other side. The way the wax grips is so amazing, and not much redness and irritation, too! At first you may think it's hard to spread the wax, but it's like that for this reason!For a trial pack, that's surprising. I have a little more left over, so I'm thinking how to maximize it to depilate both of my lower legs.

I did it in under 30 minutes too! :D It's a great product! 10 snaps in a circle!


Edna said...

Pretty intersting. I'm glad you got good results. I'm scared of waxing :(

Aicha! Aicha! said...

I was scared of waxing too, in the past. I got over it because I have to or else, I'd always be screaming in pain each pull :D

Anonymous said...

hi there! nice one! i'm a reseller from cebu and unfortunately, not everybody is pleased with strip it. i hope people will experience how amazing strip it is!
you got a good choice in choosing strip it :) tnx pod n ms arlette n nkadscover ta s product! :)

Golden said...

Waah! Where's my comment? I thought I posted one yesterday?

Anyhoo, sis, I'm interested with this product. Where can I find it? Thanks!

Shen said...

I'm hairy like chubaka and cold wax has become a staple in my vanity kit as well. :) i used strip it before and i agree how easy it is to use. :)

xxNikkiDooxx said...

I use this. Me likey. ;)