Sunday, January 20

Product: My Silly Little Makeup/Skincare Stash 2013

What's in my Makeup Shelf?


Quite a lot? Or are these not so much? All I know is that this lot is far prettier compared to My Silly Little Makeup/Skincare Stash 2009!

As you can see, I have a lot of powders. I have currently about three. It helps my oily face quite well. The two were given to me by family members as a gift, and the princessy rose container I put a random milled powder in (as I divulged in a previous post) so technically I bought only one powder for me.

I also have two face bases, the BB cream which I bought and the Majolica Majorca Skinlingerie my sister bought for me. Yes, I received MM eyeshadows and blushers from my family because if you have 4 sisters like I do, you know they know the deal XD

Above is my skincare stash that's quickly running out. Check out my deodorant too! XD

Well that's it! XD Nothing much to see here. But recent developments and more gifts have come my way from friends! Stay tuned for that~

Thanks for reading, see you again!

Sunday, January 6

Product: Happy New Things! Etude Precious Mineral BB + Princessy Stuff

Happy new year, everyone!
I sincerely hope that everyone is having a really good 1st of the month of the new year, because I sure am :D

It's the time of the year when everything feels really fresh and new! A clean slate for the new year, as they all say. So today I'm going to post about what are the good, new things I have make-up and skincare wise.

First up, I've finally purchased an Etude Precious Mineral BB cream

Precious Mineral BB Cream from Etude which has SPF! Will my Kose Sunscreen become redundant? 
Priced at around PHP700-PHP800. I commonly use BB cream or foundation whenever there's a special event, or if there's anything that I'd like to correct i.e. pimple spots or scar spots, or a darkening undereye area :( Instead of a concealer, I'd rather really choose a liquid foundation/bb cream to cover the spots because it's easier to blend, and I felt like I don't look so weird if I use this because it's close to my skin color. :)

A couple of days ago I also bought a really really superbly cute powder container for only PHP149! It is my second purchase and was quite a steal, because it certainly looked realllllyyy good for its price. I have quite a bit of refill powders from random compacts so I strained the powder to make it finely milled enough to house in this princessy container.

So far, my 2013 is looking good, literally! :D
I'll update more on the BB cream and also I have a skincare/makeup stash update for all of you soon so do come back.

Thanks for reading!