Tuesday, December 29

Tony Moly Honey Bubble Foaming Cleanser: HATE!

I just realized that "BUBBLE FOAM" anything is not for me.

I love Asian Skincare brands, and I just recently purchased something from Tony Moly. I needed a new cleanser because I was running out on Nivea Sparkling White Cream Cleanser. For P250 (on sale) I bought Tony Moly Honey Bubble Foam Cleanser to try it out, along with Tony Moly Toner & Emulsion for Men (that little purple bottle in the picture below) for my brother.

I was so excited to try it out! This is my first time to try this brand out, and my first time to use this kind of cleanser. I immediately pumped some fluid into my hands to start cleaning my face last night and to my surprise! Out came the bubbles!

I mean, okay, so I wasn't really thinking that bubbles-as-in-just-bubbles would come out. I was thinking more it would be face cream/fluid with some bubbles, but no! All poofy bubbles came out. I was like, "what? can this really clean my face?!"

I did try it out and I was astonished on the smell. UGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!! I immediately turned the bottle upside down to find the manufacturing date lest it be 1880s or something! I discovered that it was just this year 2009. BUT IT SMELLED OF OLD MUSTY THINGS! It didnt smell of honey, or anything natural. Okay so it smelled earthy, but I smelled dung somewhere there!

The final crunch is that it doesn't even clean my face decently. I had on bb cream, mineral foundation and a little bit of blush and mascara. The mascara was still there after washing! And when I rinsed it off and applied toner afterwards, my cotton pad was smeared with bb cream leftovers.

UGH. TERRIBLE! I don't like bubble foams cleansers and will never try it again. Have you tried bubble foam cleansers yourself?

But I love you guys! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 26

Holiday Clothing Loots :D

I've been gone wayyyy tooo long and I'm catching up on all your posts!

I hope you're all having an amazing December like I did. I celebrated Christmas with my family which meant lots of food, drinks and merrymaking! I hope I don't put on as much weight as I usually do during December and January (I eat a lot because all my favorite stuff are served) because I haven't had the time to put on the clothes I shopped all throughout December and it would be very vexing if they don't fit me anymore! D:

You guys, I am just so happy this month. Considering the trials that we've faced during 2009, its feels so good to be able to celebrate a happy Christmas with my family and we're hoping to face the New Year's with a lot of hope.

I managed to make myself very happy this month! It's the time of gift giving so I made it so by buying myself lots of cute clothes that I like! My wardrobe needs a facelift, since it's full of t-shirts and pants. Yeah, I'm the shirt-and-jeans kind of girl! But I think its time to add a little more oomph to my stuff. I need to wear nicer clothes because I'm totally into clothes and accessories now. If you must know, I love ROCOCO style because it's entirely beautiful and classical and rich. I like anything vintagey or whimsical.

A very cute top with this little lace neckline and lace ribbon in the middle (adorable!) The fabric is very cool and light which I love. I bought it from Knit & Co.

Gauzy beaded top from Mags. It looks orange in the picture, but it's actually kind of a yellow peach color! I love the beading and all the details along the chest area. Sometimes I think that this is great for special ocassions or semi-formal events.

Sweater-blouse from Kashieca, which is one of the more simple and no-frills top I bought. I like it because I can see myself wearing almost everyday. I love that the sleeves are 3/4ths and that on the neckline, there's a ribbon you can pull to tighten and loosen it however you may choose.

Lots of CARDIGANS! I love love love love love cardigans! I want to have a cardigan in every single color. It doesn't give me much warmth during cold days, but wearing cardigans are great for windy days and when going to the mall. I am quite sensitive to cold air but I don't like wearing jackets or huge sweaters because it'd feel too hot.

Tops from Mint. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these. They look really romantic. Very, very light, fits me very well, and though it looks a little dressy overall, I can use this when I go out with friends or with Prof (my term for my boyfriend lol!)

A cardigan-top from Mango. My top pick among everything! I love this because it's a cardigan and a top in one. There's this little string around the torso area that you can close or open up and a few buttons down the neckline. The sleeves are a teeny bit puffed and its soooo cute. Very light and cool fabric.

A racerback from Mango. I don't get it why they are called racerbacks. I bought this because... I dunno. It looks really laid-back and simple, but the fit is just awesome. I tried it on in the store and it makes me look like I have good curves LOL!

Well that's all I got for clothes! I did shop for shoes and accessories too but they're just too few to mention. I just went all out for clothes because I am sick of wearing t-shirts and feeling under-dressed every time.

If you happen to pass by some embroidered tops, lacey little blouses and cute cardigans, do drop by a little love note on my chatbox. I hope you all have a nice holiday. There's NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION to look forward to!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, December 6

MOST WORN: Lipstick/Jewelry/Polish/Etc.


MOST WORN lipstick/lipgloss - Nyx Indian Pink

I swear you guys, this color is just so awesome. Its one of the most popular colors from Nyx Round Lipstick and its such a flexible, all-around, instant pick-me-upper color. I have it on my bag wherever I go.

MOST WORN earrings/necklace - Pink Teardrop with zircon cluster
A gift from my sister for my birthday when she came back home from Japan. I love this. I wear it every chance I get, even just to go out with my friends. It looks a little fancy but its a great accessory for any outfit.

MOST WORN top/shirt - A gray mountain dew shirt.

Hahahaha. I don't know why except that its the most comfortablest shirt I own. I literally can wear this everyday if I could. I love this shirt. Its so dirt cheap too. :/

MOST WORN nail polish - Etude House Pink Glaze

I need to get me more of this. You can easily find it in ebay.ph. I got this as a freebie for some Etude House stuff I ordered online. What do you know? The subtle pink shine is amazing! I am looking at my fingernails coated with this beautiful stuff as I type! LOL!

MOST WORN shoes - n/a
SKIMMERS! I love skimmers.

MOST WORN hair product - Tsubaki Golden Repair

I swear by the Tsubaki golden repair set or commonly known as Tsubaki White. It has made my hair sooooo freaking shiny and sooooo soft. The shampoo alone is enough to keep it shiny, but paired with the conditioner, it makes my hair pliable and smooth. And whenever I use the treatment bottle every 2 weeks, my hair is nothing short of divine. I love it! Kinda expensive if you purchase from here, but its quite cheap in Japan really!

MOST WORN perfume - Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Fizz
Yes, I am positively in love with this line. I think I'm getting green apple next, but I just like this too much to switch! :D

Thursday, December 3

Secret to Great Skin

Q: "What's your secret to great skin?".
A: "Photoshop".


I don't have the clearest skin in the world! I have blemishes that are so stubborn that I don't have any idea how to clear them up. I have pores on the sides of my nose and etc etc! But you know what, I read something from VivaWoman.net...

Chizu Saeki, the author of “The Japanese Skincare Revolution” said:
Don’t fuss over every spot and line on your face. It isn’t as if their presence diminishes your worth as a woman. Most brown spots and lines can be erased with patience, and, at any rate, the overall demeanor and luster of your face are far more important in determining the impression you give.
More often than not we always have spots on our faces! It's very normal. Since I am absolutely stumped on what to do, there is always one treatment that never fails me! AT ALL!


Click on the picture for FULL VIEW

Above is what I learned, how to make skin more clearer, erase the blemishes, give yourself a smooth glow, a tan, or even snow-white skin! Lighting also makes it easier, but you can adjust that in Photoshop, too.

What I did with the picture of Angelina Jolie above is just very subtle, and it's what magazines do to make models look pristine. It's kind of fairly easy to do in Photoshop, too, mainly because Angelina already has an almost blemish-and-line-free kind of skin. Just a little touch up and smoothening is needed :) Remember to be kind to the picture. Sometimes too much retouching can also weird the face out, making it look fake and plastic-looking.

But what about those with extremely bad skin? Like someone who has an acne-filled face? Well, Photoshop is also your best derma! LOL!

The original photo at the left is of someone suffering from dried-up acne. I ended up spending 7 minutes for cover up of the acne alone, not including the smoothening, lightening, and adjustment too! Though I don't like this editing, the person on the right looks like a CG character because his skin is too perfect. You can also adjust it in Photoshop to have a texture that can help the skin look more natural.

I only do photoshops when I am commissioned to do so, or when my friends and I gather for a little Photoshoot or something. For THIS Photoshoot Xiao and I didn't edit it, because the amazing room-lighting was already very good to us HAHAHA!

Some people might frown upon using Photoshop to cover blemishes, telling me that it's a form of LYING or that it's DECEITFUL. Um, tell that to photo editors in the magazines first, LOL! Just imagine how the sales of FHM would plummet if they were to post the models in all their raw-photo glory!

Whenever I post my picture on facebook or in any other social media, I do photoshop it, but not really super duper edit it. I just take out an embarrassing zit, some shine on my face, and some weird discoloration in my under eye. But here in my blog, I post pictures as raw as possible!

You can't really photoshop a webcam shot as much as one you get from a digicam. The picture's are always too freaking pixelated and noisy to begin with.

Well that's all I wanted to share to you, guys! Thanks for reading! :3

Wednesday, December 2

Quick Question: Skinfood Peach Sake

I just acquired Skinfood Peach Sake Toner and Emulsion and I love love love them to pieces OMG YOU GUYS YOU ALL SHOULD GET IT!!!!!! Everybody has to have Peach Sake series from Skinfood!

I have a dilemma with my night time routine:

Is it -----

a.) Toner + Emulsion + Whitening Cream


b.) Toner + Whitening Cream + Emulsion


Many sites give me varying answers! I turn to you now people, what do I do!?
Pictures to follow.

Thanks for visiting!