Thursday, December 3

Secret to Great Skin

Q: "What's your secret to great skin?".
A: "Photoshop".


I don't have the clearest skin in the world! I have blemishes that are so stubborn that I don't have any idea how to clear them up. I have pores on the sides of my nose and etc etc! But you know what, I read something from

Chizu Saeki, the author of “The Japanese Skincare Revolution” said:
Don’t fuss over every spot and line on your face. It isn’t as if their presence diminishes your worth as a woman. Most brown spots and lines can be erased with patience, and, at any rate, the overall demeanor and luster of your face are far more important in determining the impression you give.
More often than not we always have spots on our faces! It's very normal. Since I am absolutely stumped on what to do, there is always one treatment that never fails me! AT ALL!


Click on the picture for FULL VIEW

Above is what I learned, how to make skin more clearer, erase the blemishes, give yourself a smooth glow, a tan, or even snow-white skin! Lighting also makes it easier, but you can adjust that in Photoshop, too.

What I did with the picture of Angelina Jolie above is just very subtle, and it's what magazines do to make models look pristine. It's kind of fairly easy to do in Photoshop, too, mainly because Angelina already has an almost blemish-and-line-free kind of skin. Just a little touch up and smoothening is needed :) Remember to be kind to the picture. Sometimes too much retouching can also weird the face out, making it look fake and plastic-looking.

But what about those with extremely bad skin? Like someone who has an acne-filled face? Well, Photoshop is also your best derma! LOL!

The original photo at the left is of someone suffering from dried-up acne. I ended up spending 7 minutes for cover up of the acne alone, not including the smoothening, lightening, and adjustment too! Though I don't like this editing, the person on the right looks like a CG character because his skin is too perfect. You can also adjust it in Photoshop to have a texture that can help the skin look more natural.

I only do photoshops when I am commissioned to do so, or when my friends and I gather for a little Photoshoot or something. For THIS Photoshoot Xiao and I didn't edit it, because the amazing room-lighting was already very good to us HAHAHA!

Some people might frown upon using Photoshop to cover blemishes, telling me that it's a form of LYING or that it's DECEITFUL. Um, tell that to photo editors in the magazines first, LOL! Just imagine how the sales of FHM would plummet if they were to post the models in all their raw-photo glory!

Whenever I post my picture on facebook or in any other social media, I do photoshop it, but not really super duper edit it. I just take out an embarrassing zit, some shine on my face, and some weird discoloration in my under eye. But here in my blog, I post pictures as raw as possible!

You can't really photoshop a webcam shot as much as one you get from a digicam. The picture's are always too freaking pixelated and noisy to begin with.

Well that's all I wanted to share to you, guys! Thanks for reading! :3


Manju said...

if only we could photoshop our faces in real life *sigh*

adin_22 said...

I don't know how to use photoshop...I wish I do...cuz' I really want to make myself thinner on all my pics...hehe

Aicha Amano said...

@Manju - hahahahah I wishhhhhh! :((((

@adin_22 - what are you talking about?? you're freaking gorgeous! speaking of editing to be thin on the pix, I dunno if you've heard of xiaxue, a popular singaporean blogger, she really edits her pictures heavily to appear so thin and slim. she even edits her chin! lol! its so scary.

Golden said...

I don't really know how to use photoshop. :D

Saving Capulet said...

ahoho! I learned to play with photoshop on my own but the proper edits with layer mask..uhm..that i learned from youtube :P I'm crazy about the "selective color" part of photoshop, and recently that's all i do, fix the curves and selective color laaaah, *favorite is black* :P

Unfortunately you are right! I've seen some bloggers get bashed just cause the blogger is good with photoshop, bad comments like "you don't look like that in rl" pfui!, i don't think there is anything wrong with presenting ourselves properly in the world wide web.

imho, it's just like make up.
uhm now that's something I'm not really good at, so i do retort to photoshop ._. poor me

thank you for this post its really interesting!! Hope to hear from you real soon!

Anonymous said...

i wish I know how to use photoshop, so i can erase my pores and zits, butI find it very complicated =(