Tuesday, March 30

Majolica Majorca Haul & Shiseido Tsubaki

Hi gals!

Don’t you just heart packages? With lots and lots of lovely loots? (Wow, alliteration!) I just had a package arrive yesterday and I was so thrilled to realize that they were my Majolica Majorca stuff from Japan.

Asian brands are a huge thing for me, and there are very few that I can get my hands on without breaking my budget. I had to resort to ordering online most of the time, since the Asian make up on various stores have so jacked up a price!

I have a thing for Majolica Majorca, it is my most faaaavorite make-up brand ever. If I could stick to one make up brand for the rest of my life, it would be this brand. I don't think I personally need MAC, MUFE, Stila, Benefit and what not. I am totally focused on this brand.

Majolica Majorca Powder Gold Case with Skin Remaker Foundation

This was at the TOPMOST of my wishlist!! Now I have it!! I feel absolutely like a princess when I use this. The compact is very light, and the design is to die for. I'm going to research this because it feels and smells like a 2-way cake. And the spongy (smelly) puff thingy seems like it it can be wet, too. If in case it is a 2-way cake, I won't use it as a wet foundation, THAT is absolutely icky for me. I will go to a Shiseido booth at the mall and see if I can find a puff that's similar to my MM Pressed Pore Cover/Pressed Fantasia 24h.

But if only for the gold casing, I am terribly terribly happy. I'll use it the moment I hit pan on my MM Pressed Pore Cover. Or maybe I'll switch pans so I get to use the gold case! Hehehe!

Honey Plumping Lipgloss, Majolook BR726, Jeweling Eye Pencil in Black, and Pink Nail Polish PK 311

More Majolica Majorca goodies! I've tried them first so I can get a feel of how I like them.

I don't find the Honey Plumping Lipgloss likeable, because I'm really not a gloss person at all. I love matte better. Plus, I've had experience when I put on gloss,random locks of my hair sticks on my lips! I can't wait to use the Majolook eyeshadow because I've made comparison on my Castledew palette, the former is so pigmented though the latter is shinier. The Jeweling Eye Pencil is amaaaazing as it is extremely soft and so dark and super easy to line my eyes with just like my Nyx Slim Eye Pencil in black, only the MM pencil has glitter that is so cute!

I'm so happy with my package because it contains two refill packs for my favorite shampoo and conditioner: Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair (Tsubaki White) and I also got the Tsubaki Red for my sister.

That's all and I'm totally set!

So, any packages that you're looking forward to lately? Any online buys you're dying to make? Let's chat! :D

P.S. Can you please recommend me a good soap? I'm only using baby soap and I need to get rid of my dull skin. :(

Thanks for reading! (*3*)~chu!

Sunday, March 28

Beauty Gadgets Epistick

I ordered an Epistick from sis Grace of wehaveit43! It only took 2 days to get it shipped to Davao :)

Upon receiving it from the LBC guy, I tore it open and realized that it came with a special freebie. It was an Aquakey Serum from the seller, she's so nice. I was real excited to go try it out so I washed the Epistick in warm, soapy water and let it dry.

A couple of minutes after, I was happily rolling the Epistick on my face especially above my lip area. It was almost painless, except when you get to the part where there's a cleft right below the nose. It's extra nippy there, unfortunately, because the skin is so soft and so sensitive. But it doesn't hurt if you use it on the sides of your lip area, cheeks, forehead and so on.

It's a clean, almost painless hair removal gadget! I find it so easy to grab and use, and most especially easy to clean! Every girl with facial hair problem should DEFINITELY check this item out! I used to use a razor sometimes, but I stopped because of the thicker regrowth.

Great item, cheap too! 5/5! Definitely something I love sitting on my bureau.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 23

Quick Update (Watch out for a new Giveaway!)

I've been on and off of make up and skin care. Have anyone of you experienced that? Like a low point in buying products? That's what I'm in right now. I dunno. I just went to a mall one day and didn't feel like buying. Maybe it's because I don't have a camera and I couldn't share anything with you guys anyway.

The last one I bought was a liquid eyeliner. I'll do my first FOTD using it and the Castledew palette as soon as I get my hands on a camera.

In other news, I'm actually delving more into buying clothes. Vintage stuff, romantic stuff! My style icons are:

Both women are amazing! And they make me want to scour the thrift stores for vintage clothes. There's something about it that is timeless and classical. No matter how many fashion fads (Lady-Gagaesque crazy clothes!) might come and go, vintage classic pieces are here to stay. They are so beautiful and it makes a girl/woman look so put together.

Polyvore looks that I like:

In other news:

I will be hosting a giveaway for all of you! It is sponsored and it has something to do with whimsical, romantic jewelry! I love them so much and it's such a fantastic thing that I get to do this. Stay tuned everyone!

Take care and stay healthy!

Saturday, March 6

VOV Castledew Eyeshadow Palette

I've always wanted an eyeshadow palette though I'm not sure if eyeshadows are my thing. I just love Castledew because it's so princessy and shiny and jewel-like and perfect.

A Castle dew eyeshadow palette in all its shiny pretty glory! This is available in the La Core stall (korean beauty shop). Every time I passed by their stall, I always ask to view the palette and I always jump up and down in delight when I see it. Now I have it! MUAHAHAHA!

I'll try to play around with the colors! See you!