Sunday, March 28

Beauty Gadgets Epistick

I ordered an Epistick from sis Grace of wehaveit43! It only took 2 days to get it shipped to Davao :)

Upon receiving it from the LBC guy, I tore it open and realized that it came with a special freebie. It was an Aquakey Serum from the seller, she's so nice. I was real excited to go try it out so I washed the Epistick in warm, soapy water and let it dry.

A couple of minutes after, I was happily rolling the Epistick on my face especially above my lip area. It was almost painless, except when you get to the part where there's a cleft right below the nose. It's extra nippy there, unfortunately, because the skin is so soft and so sensitive. But it doesn't hurt if you use it on the sides of your lip area, cheeks, forehead and so on.

It's a clean, almost painless hair removal gadget! I find it so easy to grab and use, and most especially easy to clean! Every girl with facial hair problem should DEFINITELY check this item out! I used to use a razor sometimes, but I stopped because of the thicker regrowth.

Great item, cheap too! 5/5! Definitely something I love sitting on my bureau.

Thanks for reading!


Golden said...

Hi there dearie!

I've heard of this tool from some bloggers and they were all raving about it. I think I'm gonna try this one.

Lots of love,

Aicha Amano said...

Golden! Hello!

Yeah, I've heard from some bloggers from Malaysia say great things, so I tried it myself. It's really great :) My first try I saw the tiny hairs sticking to the metal spring, hair follicles and roots and all!