Wednesday, July 29

Aveeno For Sale + Bookwishlist

So my sister just got back from Cebu and she hands me over TWO Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Cleansers she bought at a mall for PHP 500+ each. Having this surplus makes me want to sell it to someone. I mean, I love, love, love Aveeno. It's such an awesome skin care line. My sister's freaking dermatologist USES this, so that must count at least. Everyone I know has their own Aveeno everything already and are crazy about it. But whatever shall I do with TWO of the same bottle of cleanser?! I currently use another brand of cleanser and it's lasted me for 4 months already and there's still a lot left. My Aveeno cleanser will probably last me 6-7 months! LOL! I'm selling this and if anybody wants it, I can give it to you for PHP 500 and FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Philippines.

If you don't know yet, Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser is Oil-Free, Hypoallergenic, Soap-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-comedogenic. It is... Love.

If you buy this item from me, you will also be helping me SO MUCH. I need the money to buy a book on my wishlist: An Assembly Such as This, A Novel by Pamela Aidan. I've always loved the book but it's too expensive for me (National Bookstore Price: PHP 500). Getting this would be an awesome addition to my collection centering on Jane Austen. I only have Duty and Desire, so if you would just please please please please please buy the Aveeno, hence giving me the opportunity to buy this book, I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And that's a lot.


ranilo policarpio said...

I will buy it just txt me your number so that I can contact you 09265200488

Aicha Amano said...

Hello Ranilo!

Sorry about this but this Aveeno for Sale was posted in 2009 :D somebody has already gotten it;

Pauline Reyes said...

Hi Aicha,
Do you have Aveeno products for sale this year? Thanks XD
~Pauline @Kallony