Sunday, August 30

Strip It + Kabuki + SweetShuga's Giveaway

Hi! It's nice to see you all again :D

You know how crazy life + work gets and it hinders you from doing the things you want to do? Yep, we all have them. I've been online though but mostly it's for doing online work and editing and typing manuscript (nothing too grand but it's so fun to do! I wish this was my line of work)

What have I got these past few days:

Bought STRIP IT!
Because of the good results I got from using STRIP IT's P160.00 trial pack, I ordered 2 big jar wax at P295 each
over at their multiply store. As usual, Arlette was very accomodating and nice. Though their 2-for-280 promo was over but anyway, what's a 15 peso difference, right?
I've just used the first one yesterday and it's still good. Got a lot of extra wax strips now so I didn't have too much trouble. I've just used about half, so all in all I have roughly 4 months worth of hair-free skin for less than P600 ($12)! Cool, huh? :D

I might be weird to the lot of you but I didn't have a single brush before! No foundation brush, no stippling brush, not even a powder brush, so I've always wanted them :( Ok so I have a cheap eyeshadow brush which I bought to apply the Skinfood Brightening Eye Serum around my eye but that doesn't even count. Hayyy I'm such a loser!
But I'm a winner now (hahaha corny talaga!) because I bought Ellana Minerals Kabuki Brush from the Kadayawan Bazaar and i have never touched a brush so soft. The store sells Ellana Minerals so I bought also Ellana Minerals Espresso Con Panna Oil Absorbing Finishing Mineral Powder (hingal! hingal!). The brush and the 4g minerals were all for P500 ($10), so yakang-yaka naman. Also bought the Human Loves Nature Mandarin Orange sun protection lip balm for just Php50.00

I went to The Body Shop (window shopping lang, ang mahal dun) because I saw this adorable skin care line with the Japanese motif. They had cleansers, creams, etc and the packaging was so cuuuute. Haaay. The store smells so good too.

Let's all enter this amazing giveaway! Goodluck to all of us :D

SweetShuGaHon's Giveaway!

Contest Ends Sept.25, 2009


Golden said...

I like reading your blog because you have a way of making your post funny. ^_^

Waa, I still don't have a decent brush. Do you know that I don't have a single brush save for my cheap blush brush? I was eyeing on Ellana's and even Charm's but then they're quite pricey. I still want to try that Strip it thingie for my legs but Hubby doesn't want me to expose my legs. Argh! I have to talk him out of it. Malapit na bday ni Jamjam and I don't want to wear black stockings.

BTW sis, I got a tag for you. Check it at:

Thanks and have a good day.

~tHiAmErE~ said... nice!
i have not heard of strip it before, i only use epilin e..
i might try that someday

i had that brush before but i ended up giving it to my mum instead because she doesn't have any...its pretty nice because its smallenough to fit on a purse...though i find the everyday minerals brush really soft...

if you can get your hands on it, go for it!
you won't stop touching it!

Shen said...

I used strip it before and its really good. :) I use the strips i got from the bodyshop. that one was pretty affordable too. :)

Shen said...

I used strip it before and its really good. :) I use the strips i got from the bodyshop. that one was pretty affordable too. :)

Elsa said...

im so curious about that stippin' tool... i just pluck and shave haha!

how was it...