Wednesday, August 5

I've Wanted This Wallet for SO long! ;;

"I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!"
- Tammy Faye Bakker

I finally found a store that sells these Japanese paper wallets. Mrs.Lin's Kitchen offers the washi wallet that I have always wanted for sooo long! (Since I was 18 years old!LOL!)

The wallets are priced at $4.35 each! And they're made from washi paper, so they don't tear easily. They're richly decorated with ukiyo-e depictions of women in kimono doing something pleasant like boating, sewing, painting, and the like. I tried contacting the American Emporium (A pinoy multiply site based in the US where they offer to buy your items that you normally can't get if you order from the Philippines). I tried to see how much it is using their system, but I was pretty taken aback when they quoted a PHP1,000 price on the item and the shipping. I can understand why it's really expensive though. But my goodness! Come on, it's a PHP 250 wallet that I have to pay PHP 1,000 for?!

I guess I'll have to settle with my current (stupid, cheap) wallet! >:(


Jackie said...

aww... sayang! it's cute nga.

also, congrats! i saw the announcement on Linea's blog! How exciting!^^

Shen said...

i learned a long time a go that everything we want will happen, its just a matter of it being worth our effort or not. in my honest and unsolicited opinion, P1000 is a small price to pay for something you've always wanted badly for years now... but practically insists that it is not.. if there is doubt, then wait. probably, you just need to look harder here in our country and maybe you'd be surprise that we have japanese wallets after all.

Golden said...

They do look dainty.

Aicha! Aicha! said...

@Shen - you're right I HAVE wanted this for so long. But I'm too practical to do order it. I'm so chicken with money, especially for vanity purposes lol!

I might just post wanted ads all over the local forums for this xD