Friday, October 2

Who's Gorgeous? I'm Gorgeous! :D


By Adin of Spoiled Rotten

List 6 Interesting Facts About You~

1. I am a very non-confrontational person. Most people know that I rather not get into any kind of fights. Sometimes this causes me to question my own strength, because it seems like I can't fight for myself. But recently I stopped thinking that I am a weakling. I think that my strength is my resiliency, my ability to be civil and polite, plus my love for diplomacy: I believe in talking it out rather than hurling hurtful words and clashing of fists.

2. Extremely friendly. Too friendly. Even if you're an acquaintance I don't keep a wall up. I welcome people very warmly. Sometimes my friends think I'm gullible. My boyfriend has voiced his concern about me being too trusting. Whereas I am just puzzled why they would rather view people negatively. There's already too much distrust in the world! Being unfriendly and aloof... where does that get you? Nowhere.

3. I don't eat vegetables. They taste terrible.

4. I have the weirdest dreams! They are just so vivid that when my dreams are funny, I totally laugh out loud, and when they're depressing and scary, I cry upon waking up. An example of my dream: I ate the ashes of my mother (she's alive, but in my dreams she was dead) and I can totally taste that the ashes were chocolate powder! I also dreamed of dead babies floating in a green river and me in the center of the river, swimming, crying, trying to get out. I remember my dreams a lot, too.

5. I can't buy anything more than P1,000 for myself but I can easily shell out more than P5,000 when it comes to my loved ones! Heheh I don't know why it's like that. I wanted to go for a little shopping spree at the mall with the P3,000 I saved up, but I kind of procrastinated because I felt blah. I just kept it and thought that I would use it to buy my family and friends something for every birthday celebration.

6. I am the corniest joker alive. And I laugh at the corniest jokes too! I swear! Mababaw lang kaligayahan ko! Hahahah! Sample...

Question: Paano mo ipapasok ang Elephant sa refrigerator in 3 steps?
Answer: Open mo ang ref, ipasok ang Elephant, i-close ang ref.

Question: Eh paano mo ipapasok ang Giraffe in 4 steps?
Answer: Open mo ang ref, kunin ang Elephant, ipasok ang Giraffe, i-close ang ref.

Question: Tinawag ni haring Leon ang lahat ng mga hayop sa mundo. Sino ang hindi nakapunta?
Answer: Si Giraffe (nasa ref pa sya... LOLOLOLOL!!!!! *sakit tiyan*)

Question: Nasa isa kang malawak na river, kailangan mo ng makapunta sa kabilang dulo pero walang bridge at duon ang habitat ng mga crocodiles. Paano mo ito gagawin?
Answer: Lalanguyin.
Question: Pero kakainin ka ng mga crocodiles?
Answer: Wala sila sa river... Nasa kina Leon.

Hahahahah! Super funny!!

Thank you so much Adin!!! You're such a sweet girl. I got another award, and that's for another post! :) I am tagging....


Emily said...

yay congrats on getting the gorgeous blogger award, u r totally gorgeous

u seem to be a super nice and such a sweet person :p

hmm...but about veegatbles they r not that bad, u should eat some its good for your health!

lol its ok i have very weird dreams too, sometimes i think im falling lol and then when i woke up i was at the bottom of the bed lol , hmm...thats super good that u remember your dreams, many of my friends wished they remember their dreams (hey so dont worrk about it, at least u dont sleep walk ^_^ like my friend o_O he sleeped walked once and went to the refrigerator and opened it then closed it then went back to bed lol!!)

aww...and thank so much for tagging me, i love your blog too, i will do this asap

adin_22 said...

I don't like to eat veggies too....and you got some weird dreams maybe that's the product of reading to much books...haha...BTW...I already heard that joke but not the last part.....LOL....

adin_22 said...
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// krissy ♥ said...

Oh wow, thank you so much Aicha! I'm so touched :)

I will def do the tag when I go back to my parents' house on my rest day. Enjoy your weekend! :)