Thursday, October 22

Aicha's Pink Motif Giveaway!

Hi guys!! Finally its time for my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Nothing really fancy but I hope we have some fun!

First of all this is a Philippine-only giveaway, so I am mighty sorry for my friends who live outside my country. I really don't have enough to fork over for the shipping fee. But if you're from outside the country but you can provide me with a Philippine address (friends/relatives that can send you this little package) then by all means, I strongly encourage you to enter!
Giveaway ends on OCTOBER 30 12:00mn you guys! I hope I have at least 8 people who will join. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER VIA RANDOM.ORG IF I CAN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! HAHAHAH. I will announce the winner the very next day.

1. Follow me!
2. Post a this giveaway on your blog (nothing really fancy, just a little line along with your regular blog post is already awesome to encourage people to join in on the fun)
3. Comment me with your name and email, and answer this little question so I can get to know you a little bit better: DO YOU LIKE PINK? WHY? WHY NOT?

"I just recently like pink! I used to hate pink because I couldn't wear it as my mom deemed me too morena to wear pink. It used to make me feel sad so I started resenting pink! But when I started looking after myself, prettifying myself I found out that I can wear pink if I wanted to! WHO CARES! I like pink... BECAUSE I CAN! It made me think that nobody can tell me what to do at all!"

It doesn't have to be that long. Or it doesn't have to be that short! LOL! AND HERE ARE THE DETAILS OF THE PRIZES !

be CREATION's Crayon 3-Colors Eye Shadow C3E (802)

Click for a larger picture!
I hope you'll like it! The first eyeshadow is a really nice maroon color, the second is such a cute pink shade! Super cute! And the last shade is a glittery white.

be CREATION's Crayon Cheek Color (CCH 802)
A really great peach color! I don't wanna swatch it because it means opening the plastic cover all over it and I don't like swatching stuff that other people will use. More surprise for the winner anyway! ^____^

be CREATION's Crayon False Eylashes
I've seen most of the ladies here put on false eyelashes and I myself wanted to try it but I have yet to learn how to put it on. Anyways this is for you ladies to enjoy, I just hope the winner mails me and tells me how it looks on her! I like this because it looks natural enough :)

BeautyCredit's Auto Lip Gloss OR07
I have this in the same color as well! And this is a really nice light pink gloss that has shimmery stuff, too. It makes your lips suuuper shiny and pretty. Its a nice enough gloss to wear everyday.

Your Heart and Mine Swarovski Earrings
This is what I've been waiting for to complete my giveaway! Finally I have it with me and I want to thank Kathleen for making this awesome pink heart earrings. It comes with a pink box to match the whole motif!

Lioele AC Trouble Hunter Toner and Face Lotion Trial Bottles
One of the Asian brands I like is Lioele! If you remember I like their Beyond the Solution BB Cream and when I ordered it it came with this trial bottles. I want you to get a chance to try it. Its super cute and tiny. AND PINK! Lol!

This is just a super thank you to the ladies that I met here. Thanks for reading, commenting and following! I hope you like my gifts! Send your stuff in!

If there's any question, please do email me at[@]gmail[dot]com it's my first time doing a giveaway so if there are any comments/criticisms I welcome it!


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...
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CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hi aicha posted your giveaway:

and i do love pink!!it simply defines cuteness,i love how feminine the color is,can be paired with a goth look lover too ^_^,even my fave ice cream is pink strawberry!.ahah.simple delish

CHARRY said...

hi, here's the link to my blog:

I love pink because it brings back fun memories during my childhood days, when my mom used to dress us up with a- pink dress, pink shoes with matching cute pink bag! hahaha

rhaindropz said...

hi hun.. i joined your giveaway =)

i twit about it (rhaindropz)
blogged it twice in blogger and in multiply..



my love for pink is like breathing air.. haha.. (i have my own pink wishlist too)

i love pink matching with brown.. or violet =)

i remember when me and the bf always arguing about picking colors in anything haha.. lalo na pag nasa mall hehehe in sports outlet.. (by' i like that pink.. na raketa.. napapailing na lang sya hahaha) or sa damit/shoes haha..

i just feel girly and comfortable with it.. hehehe.. note sa buong office namin ehem, ako lang ang may pink na stapler, pink na folders/lunch box hahaha.. kaya alam ko kapag may kumuha ng gamit ko hehehe..

thanks for helding this giveaway.. nice idea ha (.'_'.)

hugs and kisses.. rhaindropz

Nix said...

hi nix here :) here's my email:

here's the link of your giveaway in my blog:

anyways, i'm not really into pink before when it comes to makeups, but when i got bored with peachy and red colors, i started experimenting with pink. i found out that it suits me well :) i feel glowing and fresh!

Cabyness said...

Hi Sweetie, I joined your giveaway, here's a link to my post:

My email is

I super duper love pink because it reminds me of everything barbie. And pink has soo many shades too, I love dark pink and it is now the color of my room. I love how vibrant it is, picke me up to a good mood anytime. :)

Sherry said...

new follower :)


I like pink I think no matter how old you are boy or girl you can like pink. :)

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

ze German: Maria said...

i cant take part in the giveaway, but i find your blog so cute, i had to add your giveaway to my giveaway overview at anyways :D hope u dont mind ! xxx

Calia Yang said...

I'm a follower and posted on my blog about your giveaway here:

Being a tomboy - i HATED pink with a passion. But now that i'm older - i've learned to embrace and love pink. It gives me that girly feeling that's been hidden in my heart for a long time! ^_^ heheheeh But yes I do love pink!

trizh űű said...

I posted your giveaway:


Yes I like pink. The color can make me feel so fab and so girlie. ;)

RHiiAN said...

Hi sis! I posted your giveaway here:


I super duper love pink because for me it means love and beauty. Pretty simple♥

// krissy ♥ said...

I'm a follower and I posted your giveaway here: :)

I love pink! One look on my blog and you'll see it's obvious :D I don't know, maybe it's because I am such a girly girl. But I definitely prefer hot pink shades than baby pinks. It is such a nice contrast to neutral colors :)

♥ mia said...

hi! new follower here :)

posted ur giveaway on my blog:

i used to love pink when i was a kid.. even asked my parents to call me pinkie hahaha

beauty and geekness said...

hi! name's maureen. email add: beautyandgeekness at gmail dot com

posted a link here:

pink for me is feminine and simple. plus, it perks you up in those days that you feel down :)

nice giveaways, btw! :)

madhel said...

nice giveaways!
oh, i super love pink! hehehe!
my little girl also loves pink :)

here's the link of my post:

i really love to win this!

Nina said...

So excited for your giveaway!

As a kid I really loved pink! Now that I'm older I like it but not as much as I did before. :)

Here's my post:

ayn said...

yey! giveaway :)

I have a hate and love relationship with Pink. I used to hate it because I studied in an all-girls school where our uniform's color is PINK! And I'm tired of looking at pink because I'm wearing it everyday! But when I got to college I started to miss pink :( Then I became addicted to it and fell in love with it. I love Pink now :) (weird me! lol!)

name: ayn
email: it...

yhen said...

followed you.. and I posted this in my blog. Had my new blog so please bear with me..heheh. :)

By the way, I'm Yhen and my e-mail add is

I super love pink coz I'm a certified kikay. Whenever I see pink stuffs on stores, my eyes get big and make me want to buy those stuffs (arrrgh!). My mom even discourages me to buy pink stuffs already coz my closet is full of 'em. ahwwww. Pink symbolizes feminity and I love being feminine.. Coz being a girl totally rocks! :)

luckyfinds said...

followed and posted about this loot at

I love pink because to me it symbolizes unselfish love. I just love buying things that comes in pinkish color. Just looking at it fills my days with bursting energy.

luckyfinds said...

followed and posted about this loot at

I love pink because to me it symbolizes unselfish love. I just love buying things that comes in pinkish color. Just looking at it fills my days with bursting energy.