Thursday, October 22

My Swarovski Jewelries!


Every girl loves sparkly stuff! I was just browsing for stuff all over multiply until I found a site that sells Washi Wallets and Sculpey in one store, both of which I wanted to get immediately. But I chanced upon one of the seller's albums selling swarovski bracelets, earrings and necklaces, and each piece was absolutely wonderful and shiny and made of stars! Right at that moment, my love for swarovski crystals began and within a matter of minutes, ballooned! I love the swarovski pieces so much that I would just do all possible ways to get my hands on some.

I was hesitant to order at first because the pieces displayed in the seller's album weren't really cheap. So just last week I began a swarovski quest to find some pieces I liked, something simple really. I Here in my city I've looked everywhere for sellers of these and so far all I discovered was that there are a lot of imitation stuff out there. I did my own research so I knew that Swarovski crystals can be faked and you wouldn't be able to tell except under a magnifying glass.

Because I couldn't stop wanting to get my hands on some so I finally PM'd the seller, Kathleen of Pumpkin Beads, who is the nicest seller I've ever come across. I told her if she was selling swarovski crystal jewelry, only something simpler, like a heart necklace in plain white crystal. She said that though she already sold out those kinds of pieces and weren't making them anymore, she could make me something in a jiffy! I decided that I wanted 2 earrings, a pink heart one and a star-and-moon combo plus 1 heart-shaped white crystal necklace. It just took like 2 days tops and she messaged me that she finished it all! Lo and behold these absolutely cute, superbly wonderful, breathtaking and quality creations:

I paid her through BDO deposit, and within 2 days I got them delivered safe and sound. I was jumping up and down when our friendly mailman delivered these to me. I can't believe that I had new pieces to add to my collection:

This is the simple pink heart necklace from Korea this year:

And this is the pink drop necklace from Japan that my sister gave me 2 years ago:

SIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I love them so much. I am wearing the white heart necklace as we speak. Sorry its so dark here in my room--but look how it shines~)

I think I will order MORE!! Hahah!


xxNikkiDooxx said...

Nice. :D

Anonymous said...

all are pretty !!!

pero mas gusto ko yung star and moon...

ow wow... look at you in your profile pic... gandaaaaaa!!!!!!!

sheri amor said...

aw.. cute accessories

adin_22 said...

nice accessories.....and I love the one your sister gave you.....

// krissy ♥ said...

glad you were able to take pictures na :)

they're all fab but i love love love the moon and star combo! ♥