Tuesday, September 29

Bad News, Good News

GOOD NEWS FIRST. Well because the bad news is totally terrible like you wouldn't believe.

(P.S. Sorry for the webcam pics, my sis is hogging my digicam)

So I bought stuff over the past weekend, and because of that I've realized that I am not a make-up person. I am a 95% skincare person as miniscule 5% goes into make up and fragrances. I love taking care of my skin. It's not the best in the world but I'm satisfied with it (as long as I wax the crap out of unwanted hair hehe!) I bought some stuff to help me with some of my problem areas, and hopefully it will all get better in time (...song line) especially some of my dark areas like my elbows and knees, plus my oily skin which is the bane of my existence.

So here are the loots. Incredibly, all of them I bought on different places but all are on SALE!

If you can remember in this post, this was an online buy! I paid it via GCash, very smooth transaction with this seller in Multiply. Got it in less than 48 hours.

I am currently using both Mistine White Spa Lotion and Mistine Skin-Perfecting Deodorant as my daily lotion and deo because it is so smooth and easily absorbed into the skin. It's not greasy because the lotion is pretty light and almost watery. Definitely less thick than Nivea Fresh Lotion which I was using before. I like it.

The only thing bad about Mistine is the smell. There are many who praise Mistine for its long-lasting floral smell, and I can testify to that, but man, I hate the smell! I hate its cloyingness and it almost makes me dizzy. Also, don't count on it whitening you. Five days later I am still the same bronze baby which I like. But I can vouch for its moisturizing aspect. It is doubleplusgood. I try the DRY SKIN TEST which you scratch a line on your skin and see if you create a chalky patch. Before I have this a lot, especially on my legs and on my forearms. But no chalky line here no more!

I've been eyeing Biore Shine Free Moisturizer every time I go to HB1 Store. Not really that much into it because I had Skinfood Mandarin and Parsley Emulsion which is a good enough moisturizer for me at night (I don't use moisturizer during the day, I oil enough as is). At P160.00 it was cheap, like Clean & Clear moisturizers. But I saw it totally marked down by 50% and so I happily buy it at P80.00! I KNOW! ZOMG!

Tried it for 3 nights now and I can safely say that Biore is no-nonsense when they say this is for OILY PEOPLE. I apply it at night after I wash my face and it is so light that it immediately sinks into my skin. First thing I wake up in the morning my face is not oily and it is sooooooooo soft to the touch. Definitely will hoard all the remaining in the HB1 Store! Muahaha!

Kojic Acid soap! Because I think I'm the only one in La Pinas who haven't joined in the Kojic Acid / Obagi bandwagon yet.

I was at Watson's and I was going to get Dove fresh soap, but I saw this and thought I might as well try it. I hope it will do wonders for my uneven elbow color and my dark knees (totally dyahe), because Thiamere has reviewed it and she found out that it does deliver when it comes to lightening.

It's perpetually on sale at P50.00 so why the heck not? xD

I don't have a signature fragrance yet, like Frances' "Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege" I don't have a specific scent or brand I like, because all I really want is something fruity and that lasts a long time on my skin that's all... Maybe that's why I'm stuck with Johnson&Johnson's citrus scent since highschool lol!

Got the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Strawberry Fizz. Retails for P880.00 at botiques but I got it at a BFF-DISCOUNT for P500.00 Yay! I love love love love the whole thing because the colors are magic. I like it because it's red at the top, blending lightly in the middle to a lighter shade and totally transparent at the bottom.

I love strawberry and I sprayed it on recently and I got a seriously deranged comment:

Cousin: *comes into my room* Hi Aicha! Let me borrow---- GOSH WHAT IS THAT? I SMELL STRAWBERRY CONDOMS!

OMGWTFLOLBBQ! I totally laughed my ass off. First, she knows strawberry condoms (condoms are a must, people! Though we always only use plain anyway. Yeah, generic no? Will not try flavored!) Second, OMG! This is victoria's secret you goose, it is not supposed to smell anything other that VS!

So anyway... ON TO THE BAD NEWS...





gracie said...

scammed? how come aicha-ne?

Aicha Amano said...

huhuh gracie-chan, its so terrible... i posted a while back bout the stuff I preordered at Mostacchio's multiply account. I deposited a little money into her account as what we agreed.

From then on no replies to text or emails or comments. I tried calling her for days already and no answer.
Been PM-ing her contacts in multiply if she has personal friends pero wala.

It's so so so sad. The money isn't much, but I could've used it for some other thing. Sayang. Eto pa napala ko... Haaaaaay.

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Sis, where's HB1? O_o