Monday, September 23

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF50 PA+++

Sunblocks and sunscreens are a staple in my everyday wear. I stopped wearing those bb creams or any kind of foundation ever since I decided to stick to a really good sunblock. Basically, I only started to rely on sunblock when I finally found my favorite high-SPF product that didn't leave a white cast or make me oil up so bad after trying so many products.

It was only 2 years ago when I discovered the Kose Suncut Essence UV Protect Milk SPF50 PA+++ and my love for wearing sunblock began. Ever since then, I stopped using bb creams since they only really gave me max SPF35 and I don't like that with most bb creams its hard find a good shade that lasts.

Unfortunately, buying this exclusively online and internationally is taking a toll on my pockets. I buy my Kose Suncut from twice a year, and I usually get the "USD$70 purchase for free shipping". And even if the Kose only costs a little under P250.00, getting it here is such a pain. I'm looking into trying brands that I can source out locally

2 weeks ago I was at Eastwood to attend the Chocolate Festival and I chanced upon this bazaar that sold Korean skincare and makeup products. And I saw this!

I was immediately intrigued and the lovely Korean lady (the owner, I guess) helped me test it out along with various cosmetics that she tried to make me buy hahaha she was so cute, like a mama-uljzzang!

How I usually know if it's good enough a product to check out:

> Availability and accessibility of product: The seller is a Korean woman that wants to setup shop here in Manila and she seemed to have a lot of 3W Sunblock! She was even surprised that I knew 3W, since she tried selling it out but nobody wanted it as much, since most buyers only know the popular Korean brands that have set up flagship shops here in the Philippines. She told me she used 3W as well!

> Check for the right ingredients and product claims: Immediately I checked for SPF, PA, UVA and UVB and it's a yes, yes, yes, yes! Since using Kose with its SPF 50 PA+++ I can't settle for less anymore. Whenever I wear SPF 30 I kinda always felt like it wasn't enough of a protection, especially when I go out midday. The ingredients seemed to be in Korean, though.

> Test the product if it's something you want to put on daily and for skin suitability: I was able to get a hold of their testers, and I was very wary since  at first I saw it was a cream type, and for two years I was used to water type sunblocks that don't feel heavy at all. But when I tried to spread it out, I was very happy to note that this was incredibly easy to spread and seemed more watery than it first belied. I tested it on a patch of my inner arm and my neck as well and experienced no weird thing after 5 mins which is enough for me.

So far, after 2 weeks of using the product, the only thing I regret is not buying another tube. I use it religiously whether I'm going to work or going for a quick trip to the supermarket.


  • Keeps skin protected and moisturized
  • No scent at all
  • Easy to use and to spread on the face
  • Cream type but more milky and watery
  • Maybe a good makeup base for those of you looking for high SPF makeup base
  • VERY AFFORDABLE: PHP190.00 (USD4.00)
  • Lasts for 8 HOURS! (I tested indoors, a/c room)
    • Lasts for 4.5 HOURS! (running around, commuting)
  • Available locally in independent shops

  • Slightly dewy finish (need to powder sometimes?)
  • Not buildable (if you're looking for that, this one does not pile up, since it's watery)
Squeeze out a good amount of sunblock from the tube

Try to spread it out

Spread it out thinner all over the skin

Voila! No white cast

Has a slightly dewy finish that I like (so I don't look like I have dry skin) but my face is oily so I have to set with powder maybe? But not as much of a big deal, yaaay!

My new favorite sunblock as of today until we can have Kose here locally!
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Keep safe and warm!

Wednesday, September 11

Event: Chocolate Festival @ Eastwood Mall

When Greencross posted that image banner of the Chocolate Festival on my wall, my soul was seize with an inexplicable feeling of destiny! and a low, rumbling, thundering voice replaced my high-pitched ones...


So we went! :D

In transit, I was so EXCITED because I thought it was my first time at Eastwood. Do'h! I kinda forgot I actually have been there. Double do'h! I was there 2 years ago with Greencross and Kazama, during one of our wedding video editing sessions. I remembered that we ate at Johnny Rockets (Dancing Johnny Rockets staff was still a novelty to me that time that I sported a big stupid grin on my face as I saw them bust a groove in front of me!) but, to be clear, it was still my first time to go inside Eastwood Mall!

Saw LINE posters at some of the mall benches and just had to take a picture.
 Sporting my Monster Hunter 4 shirt that I've been wearing like crazy. Yea... I don't think it has been washed.

The Chocolate Festival is sponsored by the Eastwood City / Megaworld Lifestyle Mall to celebrate and promote chocolate products all over the world. During the event, should you decide to buy the chocolates from various Eastwood Mall shops (PHP 500 minimum purchase) you will be given a chocolate bar as a reward! Your receipt can also get you the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Buffet.

We were only able to buy TWO things:

1. A bar of dark chocolate brownie (PHP 65) This looked so fluffy that it betrayed its RICH and DARK taste. I can almost taste the native cocoa used to make this.

2. Caramel moist cake (PHP 90) And this is soooo good. It's perfect and fudgy and the caramel tasted fine (a lot of caramel tastes burnt! Yeccch!)

Aside from ready-to-eat chocolate, there were also some raw chocolate products displayed from Malagos Garden. I love this farm because they're originally from Davao (Wut up, Davao! Represent!) and I used to have field trips at their farm when I was in grade school. It's amazing what they're doing with their brand. They have become export-quality and have become one of the top-selling chocolate producers in the country.

There's something about GOURMET CHOCOLATES that makes my heart melt. It's their smallness and delicate-looking designs that makes me want to om nom nom nom. It's my first time to hear about RISA Chocolates but I guess they've been famous for quite a bit of time. I was at their booth and saw newspaper and magazine clippings from famous media names. I wouldn't be surprised... I mean, look at these wonderful things!

RISA chocolates reminded me of the PRINCESS ELIZABETH gourmet chocolates from Japan that I've eaten a couple of years back. It was so good that I still remember their brand.

Here are some more shots of the chocolates that I've coveted during the Chocolate Festival (but was too poor to buy!)

Freaking amazing right?
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Tuesday, September 3

Review: Rohto Shirochasou Face Wash

I've been MIA for a bit of time now. I haven't been busy, just really lazy! (Is that better or worse? LOL) I CBA to open blogger sometimes. A couple of days ago, my fans friends gently reminded me of the reviews that I need to share with them.

I'd like to introduce you to the face wash I ordered online from Rakuten :)

If you're huge on Asian skin care products, you've probably already heard about Rohto laboratories. I think they're the bees knees. They always seem to offer lots of products that are very effective. Before I even knew of this product, my sister was already using Rohto Hada Labo Tamagohada face wash, which we used to wash our face with 2-3x daily. It was my first Japanese face wash, I think and I've always liked it. Shirochasou was also a gift from my sister when she came back from Japan a couple of months back.

My beat-up looking Shirochasou! I've been using this as my ONLY face wash for 4 months now.
This is my favorite face wash to date! I love love love it. And when I started worrying that my tube of face was was about to empty out, I searched high and low for an online shop that carried this product. Unfortunately, I had to depend on international online shops like Rakuten. I immediately bought 2 pieces!

Full Sized Rohto Shirochasou
What I like about this face wash:

It's perfect if you have oily skin and there's a lot of sebum production. It doesn't really dry out the skin. I noticed that somehow that my face immediately after washing still feels supple / silky to the touch.

Because I don't use foundation, bb/cc cream I always have the problem of removing the sunscreen I use daily. Here's how to know if your face still has sunscreen:

"If the water droplets on your skin look very round and bubble-like (like how water droplets look on a water-proof or oily surface), then you probably still have traces of sunscreen on your skin." ~ info by: Skincea 

After washing my face I do the water test and verify that I don't see round/bubble droplets!

It's so foamy! WARNING: Produces a lot of suds!!!! Don't squeeze out too much because you'd find yourself with more cream than you know what to do with!

Take a small amount first. Above is what I usually take to clean my face and my neck.

Washing my face is something I don't forget. I wash my face while taking a bath, after I go home from work, and another before I go to sleep. I've even proven that I just can't sleep without washing my face first! It icks me so bad that no matter how sleepy I am, I force myself to get up and wash!

I wanted to test the cleansing power of the Shirochasou foam. I wanted to get an eyeshadow or eyeliner but it turns out I actually don't have one! Ugh. But I did have a sharpie... So I went ahead and swiped the ink on my wrist.

I took some Shirochashou and gently applied it on the stain. Woah. I liked what I saw! Please remember this is actually a permanent marker hee hee hee.

So as far as cleaning goes it its really really good! My verdict for the Rohto Shirochasou face wash is:


Despite it not being sold locally, I would rather buy it cheaply from an international seller. PROTIP: It's best to buy 2-3 pieces in one go to save on shipping. Your bulk order will last you for at least 6-9months depending on frequency of usage.

Thanks for reading!
Happy labor day (to US people!) Happy normal day (to everyone else!)