Tuesday, September 3

Review: Rohto Shirochasou Face Wash

I've been MIA for a bit of time now. I haven't been busy, just really lazy! (Is that better or worse? LOL) I CBA to open blogger sometimes. A couple of days ago, my fans friends gently reminded me of the reviews that I need to share with them.

I'd like to introduce you to the face wash I ordered online from Rakuten :)

If you're huge on Asian skin care products, you've probably already heard about Rohto laboratories. I think they're the bees knees. They always seem to offer lots of products that are very effective. Before I even knew of this product, my sister was already using Rohto Hada Labo Tamagohada face wash, which we used to wash our face with 2-3x daily. It was my first Japanese face wash, I think and I've always liked it. Shirochasou was also a gift from my sister when she came back from Japan a couple of months back.

My beat-up looking Shirochasou! I've been using this as my ONLY face wash for 4 months now.
This is my favorite face wash to date! I love love love it. And when I started worrying that my tube of face was was about to empty out, I searched high and low for an online shop that carried this product. Unfortunately, I had to depend on international online shops like Rakuten. I immediately bought 2 pieces!

Full Sized Rohto Shirochasou
What I like about this face wash:

It's perfect if you have oily skin and there's a lot of sebum production. It doesn't really dry out the skin. I noticed that somehow that my face immediately after washing still feels supple / silky to the touch.

Because I don't use foundation, bb/cc cream I always have the problem of removing the sunscreen I use daily. Here's how to know if your face still has sunscreen:

"If the water droplets on your skin look very round and bubble-like (like how water droplets look on a water-proof or oily surface), then you probably still have traces of sunscreen on your skin." ~ info by: Skincea 

After washing my face I do the water test and verify that I don't see round/bubble droplets!

It's so foamy! WARNING: Produces a lot of suds!!!! Don't squeeze out too much because you'd find yourself with more cream than you know what to do with!

Take a small amount first. Above is what I usually take to clean my face and my neck.

Washing my face is something I don't forget. I wash my face while taking a bath, after I go home from work, and another before I go to sleep. I've even proven that I just can't sleep without washing my face first! It icks me so bad that no matter how sleepy I am, I force myself to get up and wash!

I wanted to test the cleansing power of the Shirochasou foam. I wanted to get an eyeshadow or eyeliner but it turns out I actually don't have one! Ugh. But I did have a sharpie... So I went ahead and swiped the ink on my wrist.

I took some Shirochashou and gently applied it on the stain. Woah. I liked what I saw! Please remember this is actually a permanent marker hee hee hee.

So as far as cleaning goes it its really really good! My verdict for the Rohto Shirochasou face wash is:


Despite it not being sold locally, I would rather buy it cheaply from an international seller. PROTIP: It's best to buy 2-3 pieces in one go to save on shipping. Your bulk order will last you for at least 6-9months depending on frequency of usage.

Thanks for reading!
Happy labor day (to US people!) Happy normal day (to everyone else!)

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