Wednesday, September 11

Event: Chocolate Festival @ Eastwood Mall

When Greencross posted that image banner of the Chocolate Festival on my wall, my soul was seize with an inexplicable feeling of destiny! and a low, rumbling, thundering voice replaced my high-pitched ones...


So we went! :D

In transit, I was so EXCITED because I thought it was my first time at Eastwood. Do'h! I kinda forgot I actually have been there. Double do'h! I was there 2 years ago with Greencross and Kazama, during one of our wedding video editing sessions. I remembered that we ate at Johnny Rockets (Dancing Johnny Rockets staff was still a novelty to me that time that I sported a big stupid grin on my face as I saw them bust a groove in front of me!) but, to be clear, it was still my first time to go inside Eastwood Mall!

Saw LINE posters at some of the mall benches and just had to take a picture.
 Sporting my Monster Hunter 4 shirt that I've been wearing like crazy. Yea... I don't think it has been washed.

The Chocolate Festival is sponsored by the Eastwood City / Megaworld Lifestyle Mall to celebrate and promote chocolate products all over the world. During the event, should you decide to buy the chocolates from various Eastwood Mall shops (PHP 500 minimum purchase) you will be given a chocolate bar as a reward! Your receipt can also get you the Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Buffet.

We were only able to buy TWO things:

1. A bar of dark chocolate brownie (PHP 65) This looked so fluffy that it betrayed its RICH and DARK taste. I can almost taste the native cocoa used to make this.

2. Caramel moist cake (PHP 90) And this is soooo good. It's perfect and fudgy and the caramel tasted fine (a lot of caramel tastes burnt! Yeccch!)

Aside from ready-to-eat chocolate, there were also some raw chocolate products displayed from Malagos Garden. I love this farm because they're originally from Davao (Wut up, Davao! Represent!) and I used to have field trips at their farm when I was in grade school. It's amazing what they're doing with their brand. They have become export-quality and have become one of the top-selling chocolate producers in the country.

There's something about GOURMET CHOCOLATES that makes my heart melt. It's their smallness and delicate-looking designs that makes me want to om nom nom nom. It's my first time to hear about RISA Chocolates but I guess they've been famous for quite a bit of time. I was at their booth and saw newspaper and magazine clippings from famous media names. I wouldn't be surprised... I mean, look at these wonderful things!

RISA chocolates reminded me of the PRINCESS ELIZABETH gourmet chocolates from Japan that I've eaten a couple of years back. It was so good that I still remember their brand.

Here are some more shots of the chocolates that I've coveted during the Chocolate Festival (but was too poor to buy!)

Freaking amazing right?
Thanks for reading!


Elizabeth Hisle said...

Love these pics! I will take a big bite out of any of those chocolates! I wish we had a chocolate festival, haha.

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

I can't stop eating chocolates. I try to eat healthy but chocolate fever hits me. So now my motto is:

"Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant...

Chocolate is salad."