Thursday, July 12

Travel: Aicha in Manila (My Trip Highlights)


Ah, It's been quite some weeks of hiatus! But I am happy to report LIFE is still going so swell like you wouldn't believe. I took some time off from the busy rigors of work to enjoy myself in Manila! Being a quaint little Davaoena, this bustling metro is very new to me. I love Manila for its diversity, trains, huge malls and the food stalls galore!

Today I will delight you all with mostly food pictures from my trip :)

Had some macarons from Bizu! I FINALLY ATE REAL WONDERFUL MACARONS. Not the unappetizing macarons from a local store in the city, which is brittle, dry and not so much chewy and delightful and cracking as these little numbers:

Choco mint, Mango, Vanilla Macarons

I think Dairy Queen is my reason for catching a flight to Manila. I am like a horrendous crackhead everytime we pass by a DQ kiosk/stand: I JUST HAVE TO KEEP ON EATING DQ. Their Kit-Kat Blizzard mix has been my go-to and most-missed ice cream in the world.

Had some great food pasalubongs from Salazar at Ongpin! It was my first time to go there, so imagine my confusion! But loots were scored anyway :)

We also took some time to partake our breakfasts at The French Baker, which is divine, and I wonder why it's not in Davao yet. I love their rice meals, and their rice is served formed into a pyramid! Pyramids are KING.

Even when snacking, we go to Dairy Queen. A quick Dilly Bar is all you need to keep your strength up!

Aside from gorging myself with food, I went to The Reading Club, or "The Bookshop in Balagtas Street" as one article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer has named it. This, I think, was the highlight of my entire trip. I was floored. There is just something so intrinsically wonderful about selflessly giving your time to promote literacy and make books available to everyone! You can read my article about The Reading Club 2000 at my other blog by clicking on the link.

My three-day stay was markedly happier than my previous vacations! Maybe because this time I was prepared and we went to really good places! Here I am with Mike, in Cafe Noriter (favorite cafe in the country!) displaying my happy-face-ON.

Back in Davao and back to the drawing board!


Saving Capulet said...

oh wow you look so happy in that photo, awwh! wish we could have met but 3 days is too short! stay longer next time please?:D

Aicha Amano said...

Thank you so much for the invitation! I definitely will look forward to that! :) I hope I can stay longer, Manila is fascinating and has a lot of food I love!