Friday, June 22

Travel: Pearl Farm Vacation for My Summer's Last Hurrah!

June has been more than kind to me and my frazzled nerves! The past months have definitely been a handful, with work left and right, and barely having time to really take some quiet time and not get those terrifying surge of rush and panic: that-"ohhh, wasn't I supposed to finish X and Y and Z by tomorrow?!"-feeling every 5 minutes. I can tell you that's not always a happy time, that's a lot coming from me, the queen of breaking deadlines before the deadline it even realizes I'm all "...hasta-la-vista-baby!" with a smirk.

So my June vacation leaves were a kind treat to me before I got thoroughly down with burning myself out. I love that I was given 5 days (3 working days + weekends!) to feel refreshed and see a lot of places! Together with our friends Pat & Ren, we went to Pearl Farm Beach Resort which is one of the best beaches in the country.

Aside from all those food trips all over, I had also some time to practice some of my hobbies. I've been learning to watercolor now, and though it's going slow, I love the times when I just sit down quietly, tapping little brushes and splotching color on rough paper :)

And this is my watercolor desk inside my room. Bring in some Bon Iver music and you have a very happy girl.

July is catching up and I can't help feeling like I have to wait again for a long time until I can have another taste of summer. I used to feel really excited about August/September/October because it's one of the 'cooler' months but now I'm longing for summer just right after it has come to a close.

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I love strawberries.

EDIT:  I made a simple new header. Figured I needed a new one. I'm not very good at digital painting as much as I'd like but no one really makes a mistake with a meadow, some mountains and fluffy clouds, right? Featuring one of my favorite quotes in the whole world!

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