Friday, December 9

Life: Do you keep a diary? Sharing mine.

 Aside from keeping several online blogs like This Late Bloomer, The Contemporary Reader and The Currency of Everything, I keep an actual paper diary that is more updated than all of them combined!

Though I have access to the Internet almost 24/7, nothing really beats the feel of a pen tip scribbling over a fresh page of paper. I have a Moleskine diary, which makes writing extra special.

I am proud I have one but it's not just because of the brand, but because the paper is just so awesome to write on. Several Moleskin users can attest to it. It makes the experience even more enthralling; especially when it is in stark contrast during these modern times where fingers are flying over the keyboard and electronic fonts, the art of keeping introspective and free-flowing ideas from mind to hand to pen and paper are almost lost.

I don't think that my diary is special or anything like that but it's enough for me to record events that I never want to forget. Whether what happened was a good thing or a bad thing, if it is something major, I write it down. I also write down some of my achievements, and my small and big goals. And also doodle if I can. Doodling makes me relieve the memories in a cheery manner. I draw mostly De Kareshi (Mike), my family, his family, our friends, co workers and people I create memories with.

But mostly Mike.

Date on 11/11/2011. Special entry in my journal because he asked me out and I didn't think he was capable of cheesy things like this.

I don't write daily, maybe every other day, and usually in the evenings when I plop down to bed, feeling fresh after a quick scrub-the-day-away bath and a fresh sheet mask on my face. I really enjoy these times as it feels relaxing, don't you think? How about you? Do you keep a real diary? What's in it? :D

Thanks so much for reading!


zed chu said...

I want your moleskin aich heheh

Isabel said...

That's cute.. I don't keep a diary but I used to as a kid. Then I was really paranoid about someone reading it so.. No more! lol