Monday, December 19

FOTD: Light Makeup for Beach Wedding

Another FOTD! Your kind, encouraging comments on the first FOTD I posted have a good effect on me. I feel like I want to do better.

Last December 17, I was invited to a beautiful beach wedding, the bride was my boyfriend's older sister and a friend since highschool. She has always been so beautiful, but the radiance on her wedding day was unsurpassed.

She asked if I could be her Veil Sponsor. It was such an honor that I didn't know what else to do except to say yes. I was expecting just to be a guest, but the change of plans made me scramble to get a decent blue dress (her motif was Tiffany blue long with sunflower yellow but that shade of blue is kind of hard to find.)

Here was the look I hastily applied on :(

I used a sunscreen to base! You can see what face sunscreen I used here and why I like it! I also just brushed on my trusty Ellana Minerals Oil Absorbing Mineral Powder.

I used an Elf Lipstain for my lips and for my eyes, I used the Majolica Majorca Trick-On eyeshadow.

Finally getting some action after several months of non-use :))
Here is my simple dress which I got on sale P200.00 Hahah I saved a lot. Huzzah. I'm not a dress person so paying for P1,500 or more for a dress is not very practical. The shade is nice as well, the cloth is of good quality and a bit stretchy.

I'm very happy for her, we all are. And not a dry eye in the beach when they recited their vows, which was so sweet and warm and heartfelt, and especially when they thanked each of their parents. It was beautiful.

Here's a couple of pics with Mike's nieces who are so LAMBING! They hug you all the time and ask to play with you.

Til next time! I'll do better then :)

I hope you all had a grand Christmas celebration! Good health to you and your family. Good cheers, good times!

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