Tuesday, July 26

Yanwaili Anti-Blemish Line - Refining & Moisturizing Cream

Bought this along with other stuff from my Sasa.com online purchase and I've had about 2 and a half weeks of usage experience, so I'm here to report it!

I have mixed feelings with this cream! But let me tell you my review may be clouded because of my staple night cream, Ponds. You see, I've used Ponds for quite a while now, and I've never looked back. Sorry if I keep on comparing Ponds, but there's nothing else to compare for me because that's my regular skin care cream.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Read the caution part of any skin care product if it is there. You can tell from there the allergens that may be present in the product so you can avoid what's bad for you. Luckily, I'm not allergic I don't think I have any allergies to anything at all!

Don't forget to read the ingredients list. For this cream, we can see there are parabens in the list! Parabens are kind of a taboo in skincare, but for me, there is nothing singularly wrong about having Parabens in the ingredientst list because they act as "preservatives" that keep products from going bad doubly fast. I have read this info:
Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) concluded that parabens were safe as long as they did not constitute more than 25% of a product’s content.  Parabens are found in levels ranging from 0.01% to 0.3% in skincare products.  Additionally, the FDA has determined that parabens are safe for use in cosmetic products.
But! If you are still not comfortable with parabens in your skincare, then Yanwaili is not for you. But the good thing about it is that it has good ingredients when it comes to ANTI-BLEMISH:
Glycerel Stearate, Salicilic Acid, and Allantonin.
If you're a hard core anti-paraben person, or are pregnant, or pro-organic, then it's best to save your money and buy something else.

Now with this Yanwaili cream, you can see from the size that it's a bit smaller. My night cream is bigger and for almost the same price =__= It looks cuter though since Yanwaili looks really nice with the silver cap and white bottle jar. I like that the packaging looks nice and refreshing, you can never really mess up the green + white color combination.

I used this replacing my beloved Ponds cream for a while, but it's really not up to par.... Thus my separation anxiety from my favorite Ponds cream. Having Yanwaili didn't help as I thought it would nor did it change my heart into using this.

The very consistency of Yanwaili Cream above is very light, more liquid than cream, actually!

If you could go back to the ingredients list, you will see FRAGRANCE branded there. But in my experience, there was very little to no fragrance at all. The Ponds cream I normally used had this calming floral fragrance that's not cloying, but I was okay with Yanwaili cream but I found it to smell too earthy. Maybe I'm too used to light fragrance now.

You can see above the actual cream when applied on the skin. It looks thicker there because I put a bit more than what I normally would apply on my face.

But it gets soaked in fast! See below

Actual Application:
Once I apply on my face, it is immediately absorbed. It felt very nice while applying though I get bothered by the earthy smell sometimes. I find that when I use Yanwaili, it leaves a very moisturized looking face. I really like how moisturizing this cream is.

But I don't know, I feel like this isn't for oily-faced or combination at all since it's very moisturizing and I oil up a lot because of this.

I would not. I think that my Ponds cream wins versus this Yanwaili cream. I would continue using this until it runs out to get the maximum benefit of this anti-blemish product.

That's about it for the Yanwaili Cream... Stay tuned for more reviews from my Sasa.com Purchase.

Thank you for reading!


Saving Capulet said...

oh wow, what a disappointment, and I had the impression that if you can't read the product label, then it must be very effective. D:

Lina Kim ♥ said...

haven't heard of this brand before though. the packaging looks like a drugstore product somehow>.<

Aicha Amano said...

We have the same sentiments my dear Odeth! :)))

I ordered this because it was cheap, but the product isn't really for me. I think it's formulated for 'maintenance' for 'dry skin' ladies.

Overall though I'm glad I got to experience International skincare producets.