Sunday, February 3

Products: The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel, eye creams!)


February is here!

Why so fast! Though it's only the first few weeks of the year, I am getting more and more stuff, which is great but surprising. I have several skin care items that were given to me as a trade-off with a friend that I bonded over skin care items. I received The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel and the Vanilla Bliss Hand Lotion from her; she got this over the holidays  but turned them over to me because she learned that I loved Cranberry and have always wanted to try that scent.

I traded these for my bottle of Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask because she said she has always been itching to purchase it but never got the time to. Although I have to buy another mint julep, I think it's still worth giving up because my friend threw in a vanilla lotion for me-- because she didn't like the vanilla scent as well!

Crazy girl, eh? But all the better for me!

I have just very recently tried the TBS Cranberry Joy Shower Gel. I love, love, love the scent that's straight from the bottle. It is an amazing cranberry smell that is more fruity than sweet. It's not overwhelming and it is a welcome burst of scent! I bought a fluffy loofah for this so I can scrub the shower gel all over my body and found that when you use the gel, the scent goes from fruity cranberry to a solid, barky cranberry that is so awesome because it doesn't smell so cloying. 

This is pretty popular in our household because the person who showers after me always exclaims that the bathroom smells so wonderful! Right now, my niece also uses this because she loves the scent and it moisturizes well enough without having that slippery feel.

Another thing I got is the TBS Vanilla Bliss Hand Lotion. I usually use this at night after taking a bath. AI actually mistook this for a body lotion so at the first try I spread it all over my my hand and body and wondered why it was so creamy? I finally realized it was a hand lotion but whatever! I love it so so so much! The scent is a vanilla au lait kind of thing.  I still use it on my arms and shoulders because I just HAVE to smell the vanilla scent before I go to sleep; it's like aromatherapy for me now! I don't think I can have a well-rested sleep without smelling it on me hahaha!

What I'm worried about is running out of this lotion. Both the Cranberry Joy and Vanilla Bliss are Christmas exclusives / holiday specials :( If I run out of this lotion before this year's Christmas my sleep is doomed! XD With this lotion, I sleep better at night and I wake up with soft skin!

Thanks so much for reading!~~

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