Friday, August 3

Style: Trying out Zakka Clothes & Why I Don't Like Fashion Trends

I don't have a sense of fashion.
But I do have a sense of style.

But I'm pretty sure I don't look good at all!

I am just really lost on today's fashion. I don't normally dress up for anything, but I am so sick and tired of being in jeans all the time.  But I don't want to be just following trends because most of today's trends are really... ugly. I often feel lost in clothing boutiques when I try to find something that I will find nice. I can't find it.

There is this movement called ZAKKA STYLE that stemmed from Japan. A quick google image would suffice to impress the earthy nature and the quaintness of it all. A related clothing style for Zakka is the Natural Style that I've come to grow and love.

We all have that certain taste that defies logic sometimes. For me, it's layering clothes. I am amazed at how put-together a layered outfit looks when done right.  I have very little interest in clothes, but I want to choose clothes that reflect the level of comfort I want to feel. And I love to feel comfortable even if it means I look really boring. I've found some sources of inspiration that somehow gives me that "AHA!" moments.

I've searched high and low for Natural style which comprises of clothes that are already in my closet. I really don't want to shop for clothes anymore. My cabinet is really tiny (and inside my wardrobe is a bookshelf, so there's not a lot of space allotted for clothes hahah!) so once I do look for certain pieces of clothing, I make sure that it is made of high-quality and can withstand plenty of uses.

There's a picture I saved on my Dropbox that gave me that AHA! moment. It is this:

From the Mina Perhonen collection seen here

For me, it is pretty quirky! So I loved it immediately. It's not the usual outfit you see around here. I mean, it's hard to wear this in the middle of the day. But I'm glad that my place of work is SOOO COLD. And also, lately, there's a lot of cool clouds in the sky with splatters of rain. I guess I can get away with it so I tried this style with the clothes I currently have!

My Take:

I like that I tried my best in staying true to the colors. It was so fun to wear this, I could almost sleep in it! Soooo comfy! :D Not bad~

I find that Natural Style is being who you are. The organic you. Not being apprehensive if people will think you're being ridiculous. It may seem so for them because it's really not what's everyone is wearing, so you kinda "stick out" a bit. But it's not the attention I want or their criticisms. I want to feel comfortable... and that's it.

I didn't even mind if I got a comment, "Oh, you're covered all over..." so maybe they find my clothes dowdy / not really pretty. And that's a-OK! I don't feel that I'm super pretty in this as well, just very comfy :D

I hope I can scrounge up for more styles that I can use. It's wonderful to feel comfortable in your own skin and in the clothes you wear!


Ida said...

I think your outfit looks cute. :) The Natural Style sounds interesting.

Aicha Amano said...

Thank you so much! It gives me a boost! :)