Thursday, March 8

Product: ORALABS Balm is LOVE! + Small gift haul from HK

My friends got back from Hong Kong last month and they gave me these goodies which I forgot at that time to brag about to you guys hahahahaha XD

I got some sunscreen and lipbalm from Sasa. The former I paid for coz my stocks of this precious sunscreen is running out and the latter is given to me as a souvenir gift. I also got some nice chopsticks that I can use! And some official looking keychain and a handful of chocolates!

Felt really happy!
More importantly, I think I finally found the lipbalm I've wanted my whole life! OraLabs Essential Lip Naturals SPF 15 in Cherry.

I used this and there was no hair sticking on my lip like there's no tomorrow. UGH I hate feeling that in my previous lipbalms, hair is disgusting so I don't want that near my mouth. It's a wonderful hard and waxy balm that keeps my lips moisturized even in the dry, cold office room. This balm is cherry scented too!

I now officially use this everyday since I got it.

Well, that's all. Really short post just to thank my co-worker friends!

Thanks for reading, I'm kinda sleepy now ZZZzzz...

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