Sunday, May 1

My Surprise Gifts for the Week

Hi Everyone!

I would like to introduce my NEW best friend, Cattle-brie! Hehe, funny name, eh? She was given to me as a surprise gift by Greencross last week.

I've developed a weird affinity for Rilakkuma since last year, and recently I have grown to love this San-X soft toy character more than any thing! Other San-X / Sanrio softs ain't got nothing on this kawaii-blank-face-kuma XD I love Rilakkuma more than Hello Kitty or other popular soft-toy icons.

I didn't have the money to buy Rilakkuma merchandise from stores, so I just go to the San-X website and save pictures from there. The only thing I have are a bunch of Rilakkuma pictures on a folder in my computer =______=

But now.... I have Cattle-brie! Rilakkuma in a cow costume! IT'S SO KAWAII I'M GONNA ROLL OVER AND DIE :)

SO FREAKING CUDDLY. And yeah, the name is derived from a character in the Forgotten Realms saga by R.A. Salvatore that I am into. I know, it's a bit nerdy, yeah, but the word play is so apt... CATTLE-brie because Rilakkuma is wearing a cow costume! Get it?! XD Oww, I'm too dorky for words. :(

Cattle-brie has also an alarm clock! Greencross and I are sticklers for punctuality. Burden of proof: Out of the 20 people in the team, we're two of the remaining three team members without any blemishes in our Perfect Attendance records. OH YEAH. :))

I did not at all think that I could have a Rilakkuma stuffed toy! I can't believe he went ahead and ordered this. I mean, he didn't have to but just the mere thought of it you know... it's so touching to have someone who surprises you with something, most especially when you've had a really bad week.

And I got Cattle-brie among many other things ^____^I had a special foot spa AND back massage for me, omg! What boy does that nowadays? Seriously. It was so fun to get "pampered" all of a sudden maybe I can return the favor sometime.

I had a big grin all day from my surprise gifts! ^______________^

Thanks for reading!

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