Tuesday, April 19

Elf Cosmetics : Liquid foundation and Brushes!

Hi! I'm happy to report back in!

Taking a very short break from my Asian make-up line, I took a chance to try out Elf Cosmetics which have been bought, featured and reviewed by so many bloggers. Some recommend them immensely and some hate it to bits. The mixed reviews made me hesitate trying it out, so it took me a while to finally purchase for myself. Because I rationalized in the end that it's not about the brand itself but which product was bought, as it's more on a hit or miss as far as I observe.

Looking from their site, the Elf Studio Line looked really impressive. It's not the usual pink and pastel princesssy look that I like in a make up packaging, instead it's all sleek and black and serious looking.

I wasn't really looking for anything specific so I ordered the two most popular brushes and the new Elf Studio Flawless Finish liquid foundation in Buff:

I've read a lot of hate about the brushes smelling ugly (!) like a mix of plasticky commercial scent. But upon further inspection and washing them, it wasn't natural to the brushes. Meaning, it was the plastic cover thing that came with the brush that caused it to smell like that. I threw the cover away.

After washing the brushes, they remained very firm but soft! The Elf flat top brush is definitely worth buying. I can't believe it's so nice for something priced so low!

And below is my nifty Elf powder brush that may be lacking in the fluffiness department, but is resilient but very gentle all the same... It has the same price as the flat top

Aside from the Elf tools, I also added the Elf Flawless Finish foundation to my purchase. I don't really use a lot of foundation but I figured that my Maybelline AngelFit is running out (bought two small tubes a year ago that lasted me until this month!!! thats how I DON'T use foundation XD ) And I heard that the AngelFit line has been discontinued PLUS the all new Fit from Maybelline has to hit our shores, I was on the look out for a replacement.

I am sorry to say I didn't do much research on this foundation. I read that it was "Oil-free" so I automatically assumed this is best for Oily skin. My fault. I have a lot of gripes about this foundation, sadly. This looked really nice, very Elf Studio Line with the pump and the frosted glass.

The foundation, though Oil-free has Mineral Oil in the ingredients. I've read a bit of tidbit enough to know that Mineral Oil is not very good for your face. Also, this is why you can read from the small pamphlet that comes with it that it is onlt "semi-matte". Almost rrrrraged but meh, it's my fault anyway for not looking into it more and clicking on the Buy button too fast. :)

Again, Elf Cosmetics seems like a Hit or Miss with their products. At least I got some products right with this batch of orders.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have the flat top brush & i love it when i apply liquid foundation!

i wanted to try the primer & the hd powder....what do you think about those?
ok kaya yun?

Aicha Amano said...

I agree thia, I love it also when I used it with my Maybelline Angelfit for the first time! So dense and so soft! :)

I don't think I will be purchasing any primer at all... Not really a primer person. BUT! I am already looking into the Studio HD powder because of the very good feedback. Maybe in my next batch of Elf orders haha

MissKatv said...

elfs flat top brush is my fave. I use it every single day! you have a very nice blog dear. definitely going to you! :D

Aicha Amano said...

Thank you MissKat!

I use it every single day now as well! :) It's sooooo nice.