Tuesday, November 24

Full of Lace

What's keeping me busy these days? Well, not much. Things have been kind of slow lately so I'm trying new things and spreading my skills into handmade crafts.

I've always been a huge huge fan of romantic dresses and accessories. I like tulle, satin, lace, other sheer fabrics, pearls and rhinestones, pastel colors and soft floral designs. It's a little general if I describe it, but here's a picture of what I had in mind from a picture taken from SuperKawaiiMama :

That shop is heaven! Those stuff are so beautiful! I would love to browse that store. Most of the time I can't find it here from where I am, and I always end up disappointed. I browse for it in various online stores and sometimes if I'm lucky I find a piece or two.

Because I have a lot of time on my hands now, I went to some craft stores and found lovely rolls of lace and ribbons, got some rhinestones and pearls and various delicate fabrics that I think I will use.

Overnight, I managed to make one bracelet. This one is made up of antique lace and faux pearls. Those aren't easy to make as I thought. But I really enjoyed it, especially when I finished all the pearls and proceeded to make the rose out of a gray ribbon. I sewed it on one end of the bracelet and there! I finished it!

I also made some other stuff because I purchased a bigger roll of lace in a different design. I made a headband...

I also put it on my favorite barrette (because it needs that oomph!)

And finally a small lacey hair accessory that I am currently using when I go out! The design is a clone of the decoration on the headband above. I really really like this because I can put it anywhere, not just on my hair. I also wear it as a little brooch or put it on on my cellphone keychain too.

I just bought a couple of strings of pearls, as well as pink and gold ribbon. I'm thinking of making more hair accessories for me and my friends to wear. I really love those from Jesus Diamante, a japanese hime gyaru fashion brand. I'll try to look for some inspirations too! :)

thanks for reading!


Manju said...

so pretty! i love the pearl bracelet one :)

adin_22 said...

your handmade stuff are so pretty.....& that shop is def my style....

Golden said...

You're so good at making accessories sis. I want to see more of it.. :)

CHARRY said...

love the bracelet! It's very pretty :)

Aicha Amano said...

Thanks so much you all!

@adin_22 - I love that shop! I wish we had that kind of specialty shop here that focuses on one kind of clothing style :) Its so romantic

@Golden - Thanks :) I'm still making more. I hope to include it in my giveaway in December!

Emily said...

wah!!! omg omg, i love lace!!! *__* its soooooo pretty